As part of our service we work closely with private landlords to develop customised accommodation to meet the needs of our clients. This includes level access, ground floor, large living and communal areas. We also work closely with local housing associations to meet their requirements.


Crowne Care Transition Services fully support parents and young adults with the transition and after care process into adult social care. Our transition service develops comprehensive person centred support and source and secure suitable and appropriate housing. The transition services professional team work closely with the young adults, their families, schools and colleges to ensure that all needs are identified and planned for meticulously to ensure the best transition experience.

Our transition services is a fully integrated service that has the resources, experience and the professionalism to offer the most comprehensive support systems in transition services. Our support is “complete” from referral to after care with a professional approach and process throughout the journey.


Crowne Home Care’s companionship services not only relieve stress and worry for family caregivers, but they also provide the healthy interaction and activity that are vital for Service users in retaining cognitive abilities and physical health. We assist with hobbies and crafts, leisure activities, providing companionship and conversation, visiting neighbours or friends, reminiscence therapy, reading, travel arrangements, making appointments, practical care, specialist care and personal care.


Our care provider will provide you with a great deal of help with your personal care needs. If you need help getting up in the morning, going to bed at night, washing, dressing and undressing, going to the bathroom or making your bed, the care provider can help.


Managing your personal affairs, such as birthdays and other anniversaries, collecting your benefit payments shopping lists can be difficult but these matters can also be the responsibility of the Care provider, with your permission.

Shopping services, Light housework, Support with making beds and linen change, Taking out the rubbish, Assisting with meal and drink preparation, Laundry and ironing assistance, Collecting prescriptions or benefits, Supporting people to stay safe


Crowne Home Care’s team are trained and have the expertise to provide specialist services for the following:- Autism, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Complex Support Needs, Mental Health needs, Severe Learning Disabilities, High Vulnerability, Challenging Behaviour

Crowne Home Care